The Switch

What do you get when you mix contract killing, teenage blues, LGBT rainbows, weirdness, and a murder mystery? Welcome to East Vancouver. It’s the home of marginal living, social inequity, and Craneview Place, a former industrial site that is almost safe for human habitation. Meet some intriguing folks you might glimpse at the bus stop and not usually think think twice about. Each is coming out of their cocoon, but what’s emerging and how will the world deal with them? The Switch is the world’s first transgender sitcom, with all trans characters played by trans actors.

This is an utterly fantastic project, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be have been one of three lead writers on the project. For more information, visit The Switch‘s homepage. Season One of the Switch aired on OutTV in Canada, streamed on Revry in the US, and is available to buy or rent from Vimeo today.