This, At Least, Is My Story

“This, At Least, Is My Story” is a short story appearing in the anthology Tales ofAzraels Stop the Stop.

Edited by Lucas Johnson, each short story in the collection takes place in the world of Azrael’s Stop. “They say that people go there when they’re ready to die. They say Death himself is a patron. That’s where the tavern gets its name. Azrael’s Stop. Watering hole for the Angel of Death.

Since Ceph started tending bar there, many people have come through the Stop, whether looking for some peace in the death of a loved one, or themselves looking for a quiet place to die after passing on their tale. These are their stories.”

The book is available for purchase from iTunes, Chapters, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Enjoy this short excerpt:

“I mean to sit at the bar, but solid slips away between my fingers, becomes smoke and flickering fire. I feel heat on my chest, breathe in the cinders and see empty spaces between the flames, and there is a hand on my arm, liquid honey dripping into my ear.
“Woah, there. Are you ok?”
Fingers clasp and pull, knead the world into place. I’m sitting on the floor, straw under my fingertips. I see the bird and watch the shivering lines that come from her, stretching around the bar, sewn into the skin of the young boy, of the window sills, of the sky I can’t see through the window behind me. Azrael’s Stop.”