Fiction is the life-blood of my creative work. While I occasionally dabble in short stories, the thing I love the most is long-form and flash fiction. Give me extremes every time; it’s where I play the best.

That being said, I never say never. I have written for adults, for children, and for everything in between. My published work includes a novel for young adults, a short story about the Holocaust, and a children’s fairytale about being kidnapped to Fairyland.

While the links displayed here are only to my published material, I always have a huge backlog of fiction just waiting to find a home. A few novels here and there, a short story collection just whispering in the back of my mind; someday you’ll see it all in the tabs of this fiction section.

If you like the sound of things here, don’t hesitate to click on Lucid Dreaming, my weekly flash fiction project.