Category: Black as Ebony

The Horse

This moment is insignificant. She is standing by the study door, the carpet plush between her small toes. In one hand she holds the broken remains of a wooden horse; the other curls around the hem of her dark blue nightgown. Though it is her parents on the other side, she is afraid. The horse […]

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This Moment

This is significant, this moment. Not all moments are. Some are forgotten, even in the middle of them; some simply slip away, drifting through memories like echoes of moments that have come before. Some stick, though. Some draw lines in the sand and declare themselves, some say, “This is who you will be.” The edges […]

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Life Can Be A Story

“Once upon a time, the world was a lawless place. Beautiful people nursed evil in their hearts, and ugly children grew into ugly adults, no matter that they were pure of heart. Girls who wished upon a star might never find true love, and a peasant born would a peasant remain. A person might have […]

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