Lucid Dreaming Contributors

Lucid Dreaming is a bi-weekly flash fiction project. Come by every second Monday to read a fresh piece of fiction in response to an original piece of art. Sometimes it will be a photograph, sometimes a sketch, digital art, or everything in between. Most of my collaborators share multiple pieces with us, though here and there you’ll see something from a new face.

If you’re interested in providing a piece of art for Lucid Dreaming, please don’t hesitate to email me, or leave a comment on one of the current Dreams.

Seen a post on Lucid Dreaming and been struck by the image? Just curious about the incredible artists I’ve been lucky enough to team up with? Well, here they are in all their glory! Please help support them by visiting their websites and checking out their other projects.


Hayley Mechelle Bouchard

Hayley is a photographer who specializes in animal photography and ephemera. “I can’t write stories,” Hayley says, “because I think in photographs.” Her work can be found at Little Cat Photography.


Sarah Monks10911338_10155213359335647_8002894144234114816_o

Sarah is a multi-talented world wanderer, who is going to give me a better bio any day now.


Amy Fox

Amy is a writer, sculptor, painter, producer, actor, improvist, editor – and apparently she occasionally also sleeps. Check out The Switch, her latest project!


1388631_10101339437688511_282707366_nStuart Thursby

Stuart is a freelance art director/designer from Toronto (and also the designer of this incredible website!) His side projects range across photography, writing, music, film, and generally creating any number of things for the sheer joy of it. Visit his website.


Rene Blais 

Rene is a professional photographer living in Vancouver, BC. He specializes in performance photography, fashion, and portraiture. His work can befound on his Facebook Page or on Flickr.


Kieran Macanulty

Kieran is an animator, illustrator, actor, singer, and last but not least, a lover of fashionable men’s wear, though his idea of fashion is undeniably somewhat skewed. Kieran has created 3 award winning short films and two very nearly award winning webcomics. And if you need more, here is a link to his website, Purple Sock Studios.


April Milne

April enjoys baked goods and visual feasts. She is currently working towards a bachelors degree in Illustration at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. She can be reached at m.apriljoy at, and you can check out her website.